Eating every 3 hours on a Deficit is the most difficult way!

Here’s the deal: your body can’t burn fat when there’s food in your stomach. To use body fat as fuel, your stomach needs to be empty for a while. When you’re constantly eating, your body prioritises digesting the food. It’s during the night when the stomach is empty the body gets time to switch gears and burn that stored fat.

Feeling hungry?

Feeling hungry (where you could just about eat anything) is very much controlled by your blood sugar levels. So as your blood sugar goes down it causes these pangs of hunger that are pretty much impossible to ignore.

So when you’re on a calorific deficit and eating every 2-3 hours, your body is continually busy digesting food.

It tries to get your caloric needs from the food, but when it can’t do that as there isn’t enough, it will leech glycogen out of your muscles (making them smaller/flatter) to meet the need. 

As the body is underfed and your blood sugar moves every 2-3hours – you will feel unbearably weak and starving. Trying to keep that up long-term is a nightmare and also very difficult.

Not Feeling Hungry

Have you noticed other times in your life when you haven’t eaten for quite a while but still don’t feel hungry? Why is that?

Eating every 2-3 hours leaves you feeling starving and ultra focused on food.

So, how have you managed to experience these spaces where you haven’t eaten for hours yet don’t feel hungry?


When your blood sugar is levelled out low, you won’t feel hungry until you kick off the hunger cycle by eating something, then sure enough, 2 hours later, you will feel hungry again.

BodyFat Burn Rule

Your body cannot burn the body fat on your body and use it as fuel when there is food in your stomach. So your stomach and intestines must be empty, this will make your insulin and blood sugar levels even out low. That’s when the body will switch engines and use your body fat as fuel.

Eureka Moment

So we know the stomach has to be empty to burn body fat, we know the stomach being empty also causes fewer hunger pangs.

Instead of suffering from the eating every 2-3 hours method of cutting / dieting.

Why not just finish eating by 830-9pm

Then live on water, tea, coffee, 0 calorie no sugar soya/oat milk, 0 calorie fizzy drinks, until 1230-1pm the next day.

Then, say no to the low-calorie stuff, and eat three good meals that fill the stomach so the body feels fed. Eat those three meals between 1230-1pm til 830-9pm

It would be best to eat as many calories as you burn daily as a good starting point. Then, check 7 days later to see if you lost body fat.

If not, drop daily food intake by 200 calories for the next 7 days and check your weight then.

And just like that, you’ve embarked on a more sustainable weight loss journey!

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